September Plein Air and Studio Work — Hugh’s Sketchbook

Local artist Hugh Walker’s sketches of Leatherhead High Street from various angles have been well received and we’re sharing a link to his blog where you can see them all

Leatherhead was the theme of the month as we had a small exhibition at the Institute. I painted the High Street from three angles , which were well recieved by the local community.

Leatherhead High Street from the Theatre

Plein Air painting from the Institute Leatherhead High Street can be seen on Hugh’s blog :

September Plein Air and Studio Work — Hugh’s Sketchbook

For the latest on possible interim repainting of the ‘waterless water feature’ you can see in this sketch, which as a highways fixture is the responsibility of SCC, see our blogpost here also covering various councillor updates Hopefully if the scene above was depicted in a few months, the Beluga sushi bar would be open next to the Post Office, and the waterless feature a fresh colour on an interim basis.